Best Cricket Games for Android

Cricket is regarded as the second religion in India and that’s for a good reason. You will be hard pressed to find a person here who hasn’t played this sport when they were a child and don’t actively or passively follow the sport till now. And while not all of us can continue playing cricket as we grow up, it doesn’t mean we have to give up the sport once and for all. In fact, there are so many good games for cricket lovers out there that you will enjoy playing on your smartphone almost as much as you used to in real life.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most popular and beautifully designed games that you can find on the Play Store. The game brings a plethora of features including versatile shot selection including the less traditional ones like Helicopter shot, upper-cut, paddle sweep and more. The game also offers 14 different bowling actions with a lot of control over your deliveries making bowling as enjoyable as batting.

2. World of Cricket

Another well-designed game for cricket fans is the World of Cricket which brings a realistic playing experience thanks to its amazing realistic batting and balling physics. There are more than 25 shots that you can play, that too, with flair.Bowling is pretty good too with different actions and bowling options. I also love the incredible fielding displayed in this game. AI controlled fielders take some awe-inspiring diving catches which make the game extra enjoyable.

3. Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 is one of the best options for players who care about all those little details. The game is as close to real-life cricket as you can get. Each game starts with a small pre-match presentation followed by toss which is followed by the game itself. Don’t worry you can easily skip the parts you are not interested in. The game offers tight control to players. You can choose where to hit the shot, whether you want to hit from back-foot or front-foot, do you want to leave, play a grounded shot or a lofted shot, and more.

4. Cricket Captain 2018

If money is no concern for you then you can get one of the best and most accurate cricket game you can hope for on Android device. The Cricket Captain 2018 is a real-time strategy game for cricket enthusiasts who follow each and every detail of the game. The game allows you to select the country that you want to start your career from and then rise in the ranks as you play and win games. You will hire players, manage their contracts and trade them to build your team. The game gives you records of every player including the records of all international player whether current or past.

5. Big Bash Cricket

If you are a fan of T-20 cricket you are going to love this game. The Big Bash Cricket is based on the Big Bash League in Australia which is a similar to IPL in India. You start the game by selecting your favorite club and then progressing through the league to win the title. The best part about this game is that since this is an official game, the team roaster is always up-to-date allowing you to use your favorite players.

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